We at TDS are dedicated to providing professional, quality products. We're working to reflect that dedication in the e-world. As we attempt to meet the changing and dynamic needs of our clientele, please feel free to look around. Any comments or suggestions are warmly appreciated, and we look forward to meeting with you.

Company Vision

Commitment to Quality & Excellence of Products
TDS is committed to providing quality products that meet a stringent level of excellence while meeting the expectations and needs of the customer.

Corporate Integrity
TDS believes in completing a task to the customer's satisfaction without cutting corners. "If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well." Every customer can expect high-quality satisfaction when dealing with the development staff of TDS.

Scope of Development
TDS is experienced in file management, data automation, and data tracking and reporting.

  • Previous success has been experienced in transferring data from a complex Access database into a custom Word template format which satisfied the stringent requirements of the District Court of Arizona.
  • Other solutions included a step-by-step wizard interface to automate and assist employment recruiters in determining negotiation prices between potential employees and company clientele while maintaining appropriate profit margin statistics.

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